D Family Guide to the Best of North Texas {Best Portrait Photographers}


What a gorgeous afternoon for some great news! Tracy Allyn Photography (hey, that's me!) is proud to be selected in D Family as an Editor's Pick for one of the Best Photographers in Dallas. It doesn't take a whole lot to make me smile but this, now this is a whole lot. So my smile is HUGE right now. I am so honored to be featured along side many other Dallas area photographers that I admire greatly!

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Studio Playtime {Dallas Baby's 1st Birthday Photographer, part 1}

Andrew is just about as cute as they come... big blue eyes and a big, happy smile.   Such an adorable birthday boy!  He and his mom, Leah, visited the studio for some playtime indoors and out of this horrid Texas heat.   We had started outside with Andrew's dad, Richard, but it was just one of those humid, melting kind of mornings.   I'll post a few from the outdoor portion in a bit, but I had to share some of the studio playtime shots right away!  Hey... what's not to love about books, toys, AND air conditioning!!!

Thank Goodness for Fall! {Dallas Family Photographer}

I have to say... I really love sessions at White Rock Lake.  I especially love session at the lake with a gorgeous family that also appreciates the lake on a fall day.   When we first got out of our cars Mousumi gasped at the serenity of the location... she, like me, has a love of the water.   It was a gorgeous evening... which was great since we had previously rescheduled  from a day that a 107 degree heat index!  

Harry and Mousumi have three absolutely great kids.  Alex, a senior, may have his mind on college... but I can tell he is going to miss bugging his little sisters!   Sofie is a natural beauty with eyes that can pierce a camera!   She often runs at the lake for school.   How cool!  And then there is Isabelle... a giant bundle of energy!  I love her spirit!!!  

I loved meeting you all and spending an evening outdoors with you!   Enjoy your preview!