Portrait Art Products {Tracy Allyn Photography - Dallas photographer}

2012 is off to a wonderful start... although I am a bit behind on sharing recent sessions on the blog.  Apologies!  But I do want to share with you a sample of some of the options for displaying your portraits as art in your home. 

In particular, I would like to feature two of the most popular (and my favorite!) products... gallery wrapped canvases and 10x10 designer albums.  Canvases are such a gorgeous way to show off the images from your session with Tracy Allyn Photography.  Available as single images and also canvas collections, you simply can't go wrong with this art statement.  The sample shown is a fantastic 24x36 image that just makes me smile everytime I look at it in the studio.  10x10 designer albums are truly an artistic way to tell the story of your session.  These 20 page albums are printed on thick pages that lay flat with no "gutter" so your favorite images can be enjoyed across the pages. I also offer a smaller 6x6 keepsake album with the same quality but fewer pages and images.  What a fun gift to accompany your 10x10!  

The studio also offers modern metal float mount collections, prints framed in the much sought after and completely custom Organic Bloom frames, print collections, press printed cards, storyboard prints, and matted and framed prints.   Many of these products are offered as collections for a complete artistic vision and also a la carte.

So what are you waiting for?  Book your session today so I can help you tell your story through portrait art!


Testing, Testing... 1, 2, 3... 4 {Dallas Child Photographer}

Everyone has heard that old saying about the cobbler's kids... well, sometimes we photographers don't get pictures of our own kids.   Of course this may have something to do with us wearing out our welcome with sticking a camera in our kids faces.   But every once in awhile I convince (okay, force) my son to stand in for test lighting.   This morning he had to do just that and while he did I got the chance to photograph his rockin' new haircut!



Golden Light {Dallas Family Photographer}

This week I photographed such a gorgeous family... two of the cutest little blonde haired boys, their beautiful mom and handsome dad.  We explored around our own neighborhood... White Rock Lake and Flagpole Hill.  We hit the golden hour just right.  Patrick and Declan are so cute and that light on their little toeheads was perfect.  Could.not.have.asked.for.more! 

Enjoy your preview Bonnie and Keith!  And happy birthday, Bonnie!!!

Simply Sweet! {Dallas Child Photographer}

When Caricia first spoke with me about a portrait session with her daughter, Chloe, I knew EXACTLY where I wanted to shoot!  I have been hearing so many great things about Ham's Orchard in Terrell, Texas from my friend & neighbor, Ninotchka, and all I could think of was sweet juicy peaches and ice cream dripping down Chloe's little chin!

Our morning started out with a walk in the blackberry patch... and although there wasn't much we did manage to find a few for Chloe to pick.  Getting her to taste them was a totally different story!  But she did love holding onto them.

After that we headed indoors where Chloe was like a kid in a candy store!  She helped herself to tomatoes and peaches and even found a lollipop tree where she picked two lollipops!  You see, Caricia said Chloe has a thing about twos.  Hey... nothing wrong with that!  The more the merrier when it comes to lollipops as far as I'm concerned!   We took some cute images inside, bought peaches and tomatoes, and grabbed two ice cream cones.   In the end, she was mostly a fan of the peaches and lollipops and we all had a great time!

It was a simply sweet session with a simply sweet little girl!  Enjoy your preview, Caricia!


Our Little Tough Guy {Personal Photography}

Well... this week our son came home with his first black eye.  He said, "It's a shiner, mommy!"   (cutie)

So, here is how it happened...

He and some of the kids at his after school program were playing a game he called "Monkey in the Middle" -- sounds crazy to me!  Apparently the game consists of throwing shoes in the air and I'm guessing someone is in the middle???  So a flying shoe hit him in the eye.  Of course, my question was, "Campbell, was  there an adult in the room?"  Hmmm...

Oh well, I am sure it is the first of several over the course of his childhood, teen years, and possibly manhood.  I'm just glad this one was an "accident" and there wasn't anything worse that happened!

I tried for several days to have him let me get a picture of it and this morning he did.  And it makes me giggle that it was this morning after he had slept in a black "muscle t" (I usually call it something different!) AND he had his typical just woken up bedhead that I adore!!!