Welcome to the World {Dallas Newborn Photographer}

Ten days old... so tiny, so precious, and already so loved.   That's little Wyatt!  

When Tiffany opened the door my mouth just about fell on the floor... she was one of those beautiful women who did not look she had just had a baby!   Yet, in the few short days as a mother, she had a calming quality that just exuded love and confidence in her mothering abilities.  

Tiffany and dad, Colby have a love of black and white.  I had a love of Colby's tattoo!  The images I'm sharing with you are just a few of my favorites!

Enjoy your preview, guys!




Tim & Tammy {Dallas Wedding Photographer}


This summer I had the opportunity to photograph my beautiful friend, Tammy's wedding to Tim.  It was an intimate ceremony at their new home together, shared with loved ones.  The day started with Tammy getting ready and practicing the very personal vows and poem she would say to Tim just a few short minutes later.  It was an emotional moment and I don't mind saying that I was moved to tears as well.  Both of them said just the perfect thing to each other!   After the ceremony the pastor blessed the house... love that!   Then it was on with the gathering of friends, family and loved ones to celebrate the new marriage at the reception.

Tim & Tammy, you are gorgeous together and I wish you a lifetime of happiness! 





Happy 1st Birthday! {Dallas Family Photographer}

Baby Benjamin just celebrated his first birthday... Happy Birthday, Ben!  I have looked forward to doing a session with this little guy ever since the first time I laid eyes on him!  Such a cutie and a happy boy, too! 

We played a little at the park, where Tim and Robin brought his little red car with them.  He has started taking a few steps at a time so he loved pushing it around.  He had no interest in riding but I really enjoyed how he is embracing his new and soon-to-be increasing feeling of independence!  Just you wait guys... the chasing is almost on!  He even took a several steps right to me once we got back to their house to continue the session. 

Benjamin loves books.  And I adore the pictures we took in his room... mostly because several of his books used to belong to my own son so looking at the pictures of him in his diaper, reading takes me back 5 years!  But I also happen to be slightly fond of the colors in his room!

Thanks for sharing the morning with me Robin and Tim.  Enjoy your preview!

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And Dad Survived... {Dallas Family Photographer}

After talking to Christy on the phone about our session a few times, I couldn't wait to meet her.  She is so easy to talk to! So Saturday the day was finally here and I got to do my session with her gorgeous family.  I took Christy and Stephen and their beautiful kids, Corbin and Kylie, to some of my favorite parks in Dallas.  We were a little disappointed at the first location... we have had a LOT of rain in Dallas in the last few days and Turtle Creek was a little messy!  But we got some great images at all three locations. 

I loved Kylie's huge blue eyes!  And that Corbin... he had some great input on our session.  I have a feeling I'm going to have some competition someday as he seems to have a real interest in photography!  And Kylie really enjoyed the end of the session with her celebratory giant lollipop.  We survived the Texas heat together and dad survived a few injuries from parasols and fingers getting stepped on... you were a real trooper, Stephen!

I hope you enjoy your preview, Stephen and Christy!

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