Happy 1st Birthday, Matilda! {Dallas Baby Photographer}

I still can't believe Matilda is already a year old!  I was lucky enough to photograph her back in December and I just had to do another image with her reading Good Night Moon like we shot last time to show the progression of age... still love that orange and green combo of chair and wall!  I really can't get over how much bigger she is...  I just adore her little smile!  Ron and Jessica both have so much fun in life so no wonder she knows how to use it!  

Everyone loves this family so much and we will all be sad when they move to L.A. in August.  I must admit, however, that I am a little more than jealous of your new state, what with this horrendous Texas heat and all!  Someday, Tracy, someday!  

August is a big month for them because as you can see by the beautiful roundness of Jessica's belly... Matilda will have a baby sister in just a month!  Congratulations to all three of you!

And most of all.. happy first birthday, Matilda!