Snow Days in Dallas {Personal Family Photography}

It finally happened!  I thought for sure we were going to make it through the entire winter without any snow in Dallas.  But Friday delivered enough snow for us to get out and play in it for a little while.  Take that groundhog!  My husband, Rob, took our son out front on Saturday to make a snowman... But Campbell had other plans.  Snowball fights are way more fun.  And besides, the snow wasn't the best for packing and making an icy friend.  Me?  I held a camera so I would at least be slightly protected from being a target.  Hey, I'm no dummy.


Al, Jan, Kate, & Sophie {Dallas Child & Family Photography}

Wow... It has been a few years since I have seen these little beauties and I couldn't believe how much these young ladies have grown.  So glad to see they are still their spunky little selves.  Kate and Sophie are two sisters who both have such vivacious personalities with an equal flair for the dramatic and the sillies.  Their parents, Al & Jan, are so incredibly sweet with their pride and joys.  And I consider myself very lucky to have met them all years ago through a dear mutual friend and former neighbor of theirs. 


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Favorite Family at Arboretum {Dallas Family Photographer}

Never will I get over how much I adore photographing this family.  Every year I sing their praises... For their style, their sweetness, not to mention their gorgeousness.  This is the 4th session we have shot together and this time we went to the Dallas Arboretum.  It was a perfect day, even though we didn't think so at first.  The clouds were seriously threatening rain but lightened up just enough to be a perfect soft box and light them beautifully.  We came away with so many images and these were just some of our favorites.  Ray, Kristen, Chloe, and Parker, thank you for your loyalty to Tracy Allyn Photography.  I can't wait to see what next year brings!

The Arboretum is a beautiful location for child & family portraits year round,
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Arts District Big Family Fun {Dallas Family Photographer}

Dallas has really stepped up their game lately with it's architecture, parks, museums, and arts. Our city is incredible... Just see the new Dallas: Bigger Than Ever video and you will see a ton of things to experience!  If you haven't been here and seen Dallas for yourself you should put it on your list of travels!  And if you live here it will make you realize how much more there is to explore! 

One of the great spots shown in the video is the Arts District.  I love this place!  When you shoot in the Arts District you are bound to have a great time.  You may have to work around the theater shows, event schedules, and other photographers, but as long as you check ahead and are courteous you are good to go.  Matt, Carrie, and their boys, Sam and Travis, were so much fun.  The boys had a blast... Their oldest even said it was the "best thing he did all day."  High praise, indeed, from a six year old.

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