Painting the Roses Red

This evening my bestie, Ninotchka, brilliantly designed her daughter's "Un-Birthday" Tea Party with an adorable and ultracreative Alice in Wonderland theme.  I'm telling you... this party suits the beautiful 14 year-old, Natalie, to a T!   They collaborated on the decor and I was so thrilled that I was invited over to take some before the party shots.   Nino and I both took plenty of them before the girls arrived and Nino was banished to the indoors so the teens could enjoy an outdoor flick.  In fact, they are having an Alice viewing  (with Johnny Depp) as I type!  Such great party details... from the "Drink Me" and "Eat Me" tags, the mismatched china, all the way to the sweet fans (perfect for a hot Texas evening).   And I'm sure they enjoyed those delicious looking red velvet cupcakes.   It was very hard not to take the challenge on the "Eat Me" tag!  Yum!

You will all get to officially meet Natalie soon when I do a "Now & Later" session with her!

Happy Birthday, Natalie!