All Girls at the Arboretum {Dallas Family Photographer}

It has been a few years since I have seen Angie and John and their girls since they moved a little away from Dallas.  Back then it was just Caroline and her little sister, Claire.  But now Claire is also a big sister as they have added Kate to their crew of girls.  John is definitely outnumbered!  And I bet each and every one of them has him wrapped around their finger.  I know I love their smiles, personalities, hugs, and spiritedness! It was wonderful seeing them all again and I'm so thankful they came into town to see me.  I hope to continue to watch these girls grow up in front of my lens for years to come!

By the way, don't you just love how sweetly Angie styled them all?  And check out her shoes... Amazing!

Morning Sweet Session {Dallas Family Photography}

I just delivered this adorable family their collection and couldn't wait to get right to the computer to put them on the blog.  It was just a month ago that I met up with Alisia, Marty, and their little girl at the Arboretum for a morning shoot.  2 1/2 year old Makaelyn is such a cutie and when Alisia told me she loves jelly beans she wasn't kidding.  I took some along that morning and was she ever excited!  But hey, she worked the camera and deserved every one!  Besides, who says jelly beans can't be a brunch snack?   From start (with a big greeting hug from Makaelyn) to finish it was just a sweet session and I loved it.  I so hope to see them again so I can see this family grow!

Water, Bugs, Peeking and Playtime {Dallas Child Photographer}

I have been photographing this little guy since I first met John, Tracy, and Ryder back in November 2010.  Ryder was just a little baby then and had the cutest cheeks.  Then I saw him again for his first birthday pictures.  So of course, I was so excited to see him again when he was two!  We had such a fun morning as his mom and I chase him all over the Arboretum.  And anywhere there was water, Ryder was in it!  I think he was wet within the first ten minutes!  But that didn't stop us from getting some really fun shots involving playing with bugs, exploring, and of course... More water!  Can't wait to see what the next session holds!

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