Al, Jan, Kate, & Sophie {Dallas Child & Family Photography}

Wow... It has been a few years since I have seen these little beauties and I couldn't believe how much these young ladies have grown.  So glad to see they are still their spunky little selves.  Kate and Sophie are two sisters who both have such vivacious personalities with an equal flair for the dramatic and the sillies.  Their parents, Al & Jan, are so incredibly sweet with their pride and joys.  And I consider myself very lucky to have met them all years ago through a dear mutual friend and former neighbor of theirs. 


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Matt, Jenny, Aidan, & Logan {Dallas Child & Family Photography}

Every session with Jenny, Matt, and their boys, Aiden and Logan, is always an adventure!  They make me laugh and help me get my exercise (urban photography style) for the day with all of their energy.  Seriously, their rough and tumble spirit mixed with the occasional hug is exactly the way brothers should be.  But man, these boys need to stop growing!


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Kreg, Tracy, Mallory, & Emerson {Dallas Child Family Photographer}

Mallory & Emerson, are sweet, beautiful, fun... And so photogenic.  I loved photographing them with their mommy and daddy, Tracy and Kreg, previously at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.  This time we met at a local park on a gorgeous, sunlit morning.  Tracy styled them in such colorful dresses that really fit the location of this awesome park with cute bridges and interesting trees.  I loved watching these fearless girls climb!  They are just the way little girls should be... Full of smiles, personality, and zest! 


Sweetness {Dallas Child and Family Photographer}

There is just something I adore about kissing photos!  I tend to shoot and show them a lot... I just love to surround myself with them.  They are full of such sweetness.  This session had several of those sweet little moments among this beautiful family.  I adored meeting Tracy & Kreg and their little girls, Mallory & Emerson so much!

This session was shot at the beautiful Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.
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Summer Visit from Some Faves {Dallas Child Photographer}

I will never get tired of seeing Jessica and her beautiful girls, Matilda and Lucinda for portraits.  I have been photographing them for several years and I love it each time.  They live way up in the northeast United States now so it really is such a treat to see them.  I'm hoping Dad makes the trip next year!

This time I could not believe how much Lucinda had grown... and big smiles from her throughout the session.  She and big sis, Matilda had a great time playing on a summer morning while they were visiting their family in Texas.  I took them somewhere new and couldn't resist filling them with sugary lollipops.  Hey... they deserved them!

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