Children at the Sunset Lit Park {Dallas Child Photographer}

These kiddos were amazing!  I just adored their love of exploring, climbing, playing, and their love for each other.  The family couldn't meet until just about 45 minutes before sunset so I think, by far, this was the fastest session I have ever had!  But Elizabeth, Travis, and Zachary were eager to alternate between playing and posing and by the end of it I couldn't believe how many beautiful images we had.  We moved quickly and actually finished up in about 35 minutes!  Such sweet and beautiful kids... And it didn't hurt that the light was beautiful that day!

Almost Family Time {Dallas Photographer}

The holiday season is fast approaching and that means that I am trying to keep my head above water and get all of my client orders for prints, canvases, collections, cards, and more out.  It has been a busy fall season and the excitement when they see their portraits printed and ready to display never gets old to me. 

This year it was particularly difficult to find time to do our own card.  So yesterday afternoon we grabbed one of his skateboards (the bright orange one, of course, because it is his favorite color!) and I took "the boy" for a very quick shoot!  I had 4 images in my head, took 5 poses, and ended up using every single one of the looks for my card design. I just couldn't help myself!  Then after editing, designing, and ordering I finally fell into bed last night at 2:30 am.   I can't wait to share a digital version of the card here with you after I get them in my hands and mail them out.  For now, this was one of the images that we used.  Funny thing is, this was the unplanned shot.  Campbell wanted to do this one on the steps.  Love my sweet (not so) baby boy so much!

So, Christmas card shot, designed, and ordered... Check.  Just a few more matters of business over the next few weeks.  I am counting down the days to a special holiday time off with my family!  But I must admit that I am dreading all of the envelopes I need to address!


Enthusiasm continued {Dallas Child Photographer}

Benjamin is the kind of little guy who just makes you want to run, splash, and smile.  And that is exactly what his parents, Chere and Aaron, were doing the morning of this session.  And I was having a blast running around the Arts District with them.  His spirit is contagious and everytime I look back at these pictures I smile. 

See the first image posted from this session here.

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Morning Playdate at The Arboretum {Dallas Family Photographer}

I have known Jenna and Kurt for a few years from around the neighborhood so I was so excited to do a family session with them at the Dallas Arboretum recently.   I remember taking a picture of Casey Jo in the front yard when she was just a baby!   Julian is now 2 and Casey Jo is 5.  We had a lot of fun roaming around the houses and getting lots of playful shots.   Couldn't resist posting the pout face and I adore Julian with the bear!  

Enjoy your preview, Kurt and Jenna!