Happy 10th Birthday, Campbell!

Finally... He is so excited to be in the double digits!  He couldn't wait to stop saying, "I'm almost 10."   Happy Birthday to our son, Campbell.  It was hard to decide on pictures to include here, but I sure had fun looking back through so many memories!  We love you more than you can imagine and are so proud of who you are!

Reaching Milestones and Smashing Cake {Dallas Baby Photographer}

I love watching my clients hit milestones!  Last November when I met Ryder, Tracy, and John, for a beautiful outdoor session, Ryder would look right into the camera!   I loved photographing him then and loved it again this time!   This summer Ryder and his mom, Tracy, came to the studio for a one year session for his first birthday.  Well... almost birthday!   He was having so much fun crawling and (a few steps!) walking all over the studio.  I loved how he would come right at me!  He is so curious, I just love it!  

Tracy brought along some meaningful props for the session including a red rocking chair passed down from Ryder's grandpa.   I love that!  And the little pirate and crab outfit was perfect since his dad loves to surf.  Could also be a small nod to yummy Sunday lobster bakes at dad's restaurant, The Commissary.

And I just love when a session has a cake smash involved!  Tracy is a pastry chef who owns, Sugarcoated, and is a pie goddess! You can read about her in a recent article in GrandLuxe.  She brought along Ryder's first cake... I think with a little less sugar than normal, but as you can see, he enjoyed it!  And he really loved playing with that 1 year candle!   

The whole session wrapped up with a little snuggle time.  Of course, Ryder still had lots of energy!  But I bet you he passed out on the car ride home!

Morning Session Downtown (Dallas Baby's 1st Birthday Photographer, part 2)

Earlier today I shared a few images from the air conditioned portion of this little guy's Birthday session.   Hey, you would think that at 7:30 a.m. that we could all stand the heat for a little while, but this particular morning was scorching and humid.   We didn't last long before a change of plan and location kicked in.   But while we were downtown shooting some family shots of Andrew and his sweet parents, Leah and Richard, we got some cute stuff.  And I don't think I heard Andrew complain once!  Next time I do a session with them though, the Texas weather will be on our side... I'm just sure of it!

Enjoy the second half of your preview, Richard and Leah!

Studio Playtime {Dallas Baby's 1st Birthday Photographer, part 1}

Andrew is just about as cute as they come... big blue eyes and a big, happy smile.   Such an adorable birthday boy!  He and his mom, Leah, visited the studio for some playtime indoors and out of this horrid Texas heat.   We had started outside with Andrew's dad, Richard, but it was just one of those humid, melting kind of mornings.   I'll post a few from the outdoor portion in a bit, but I had to share some of the studio playtime shots right away!  Hey... what's not to love about books, toys, AND air conditioning!!!

First Birthday {Dallas Baby Photographer}

Last fall, Avanee and her husband Arun traveled from New York back home to Dallas.  While they were here we did a special photoshoot to celebrate their daughter Sareetha's baptism.   I loved seeing how much Sareetha has grown when I saw her last weekend for a very quick 1 year portrait before the big family First Birthday celebration.   It was a brief trip into the backyard where she wasn't quite sure about the damp grass but was fascinated by the planes flying overhead.   I love the shot of her looking up to the plane!  And her huge dark eyes... love them!  

Hope you had a wonderful party and enjoy the preview!