when you should book your Senior Portraits {Dallas Photographer}

Often, I have students and parents contact me and wonder, "When is the best time to take high school senior portraits?" My answer is always whenever works best for you because in Texas all four seasons are good! Some students prefer to take them in the summer before their senior year starts if they have a packed extracurricular calendar. Others choose fall for the beautiful weather or if they are trying to make a yearbook deadline. But for many, now is the perfect time of the year! Spring is a celebration of nearing the finish and celebrating your "Class of" status. And for us Texans, spring is a beautiful time of the year!

And then there are some who choose two sessions! When Hannah was a graduating senior from Hebron High School we did a fall shoot and a spring shoot. In the spring she even brought her cross country shoe collection! She had saved every pair of her running shoes throughout high school and wanted to incorporate a few of them along with just a few of her medals. What a cool idea! She is now running for the University of Memphis. I really would hope to see her again when she makes her way back to Texas! I always love photographing her, whether with her family, her sister, or solo. Now that I think about it, I never did blog the shoot with her and her dad... So sweet. Reminder to myself...

For now here are some favorite images from both sessions with Hannah. And if you haven't booked your Class of 2018 seniors yet, contact me asap with what your looking for and let's make it happen! The great thing about our Texas weather, is even though it is unpredictable, it makes for a great year round photo season! But if you are about to graduate, slots are filling and time is a ticking!