Mindy & Her Boys {Dallas Family Photographer}

We have another snow day here in Dallas... In March!  Can you believe it?  Last night we gained 4" of beautiful fluffy powder (on top of some ice) and the kids all have the day off from school.  But this time I don't plan on heading outside... It is a wind chill of 9 degrees out there and I'm a Texas born and raised wimp!  So today is the perfect day for me to sit inside and realize just how many sessions I have yet to blog and get around to some of them.  Some are from awhile back!

First up, Mindy and her handsome sons, Connor and Logan.  I photographed Connor when he was just a little baby so I was thrilled that I got to see him "grown up" at 5 years old and meet 3 year old Logan.  Logan had some hilarious expressions!  Kind of an "I'm up to something" smirk that is so true for little boys and he was very into showing me his muscles.  Connor had the posing down pat and was great at corralling his brother!  Both of them are so sweet.  Loved seeing you again, Mindy!