Celebrating a new little one {Dallas Famiily Photographer}

A couple of years ago I photographed a little guy who was full of energy along with his parents.  This fall I was lucky enough to meet his new baby brother... And his grandparents!  Aaron, Chere, Benjamin, Dylan and Aaron's parents spent a drizzly day with me.  No worries though... It actually happens to be Chere's favorite kind of day!  We worked really hard to get some chubby cheek smiles out of Dylan.  What a cutie.  And Benjamin?  Well, this handsome big brother had plenty of fun running, skipping, and jumping the stairs at the Arboretum. 


The Dallas Arboretum is a perfect place for children and family portraits.  It is great year round and especially during their Dallas Blooms, which is coming soon!  If you would like to schedule your portraits for this beautiful location, please contact me by calling the studio at (214)341-0955 or by email at photos@tracyallyn.com.  For more information, full portfolio, and a contact page visit www.tracyallyn.com today!