Campbell in California {Child Photography}

Last week was perfection.  We spent Sunday to Sunday in the San Diego area on a trip with my husband's family (12 of us in total!) to celebrate my in-law's 45th anniversary.  San Diego has always been on my list of places I want to live someday.  And now it is on my son's radar, too! 


Color version of the triptych on in cover images.


The whole crew on the beach for a family shot for a giant tripod selfie. More family vacation images to come!

Left to right:  Brother-in-law (Bryan), nephew (Adam), sister-in-law (Allison), niece (Lesley), brother-in-law (David), mother-in-law (Lesley), father-in-law (Dennis), nephew (Zachary), great grandma (Jan), yours truly (Tracy), my son (Campbell), and my husband (Rob).