Bob, Cathy, Bryce & Lexi {Dallas Family Photographer}

What could be better than a backyard photo session?  You just get yourselves ready, welcome me to your home, and step right outside your door to shoot.  Well, I'll tell you what is better... A backyard photo session when you have a killer backyard like this family does!  Bob & Cathy have an incredible modern home that I love.  They also have a great pool, which makes for a beautiful aqua blue (my favorite color!) background.  And... They are surrounded by trees on a creek so you feel like you are nowhere near Dallas!  But you know what was the complete topper for me?  Seeing this sweet family that I haven't seen in a few years since I left education.  I was the librarian at their elementary school and Bryce & Lexi were two kids that I always enjoyed having walk through my door. 

Thanks for welcoming me to photograph your family, Cathy & Bob.  Great seeing you all again!