Cadillac Ranch - SW Road Trip {Dallas Photographer's Travels}

Someday I will find time to go through all of the pictures from our Southwest summer road trip.  Tonight... I made it through a few images from our one night stay in Amarillo on the way home.  We stopped just so I could see Cadillac Ranch.  One word... Muddy.  Two more words... Worth it!  We carefully made our way out through the mud.  We had a good five minutes, yes five, before those storm clouds cut loose on us.  I am talking needles of rain piercing our skin.  As we were ankle+ deep, we cautiously made our way back to the car.  I didn't care how drenched I was getting but I did NOT want to fall in the mud with my camera.  So I tucked it under my shirt and baby stepped my way back.  I am sure the hotel was not thrilled when they saw us coming!  Ahhhh... Memories!!