Carnival Fun {Dallas Family Portrait Photography}

While I do adore all of my Tracy Allyn families, there is just something about this one.  Shelley, Kevin, Lauren, and Zoe have this playful lust for life that is very much apparent, earned, and deserved.  I have been photographing them for several years now and I love how Zoe and Lauren are growing to be these beautiful but kooky-crazy young ladies. I always love seeing them and this time we knew we had to plan something extra special. Where else would you photograph such a family but at a little parking lot carnival?  It is something Shelley and I have beeing planning for quite sometime over numerous lunches, a.k.a. excuses to hang out!  Thank you for your friendship and always making me see what an awesome ride life is, Shelley!

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While this isn't a location you opt for all of the time, this spring I was fortunate enough to shoot two limited edition sessions that were near and dear to me at carnivals.  One was the family above and the other was an amazing senior session with my gorgeous niece, Ali.  Her full session will be blogged very soon!