Don't Be Afraid of Color... {What to Wear Tips & Color Palettes}

You've booked your session and are excited... and I'm excited to photograph you!  Now, it's time to think about what to wear for your photos.  Clothing is important in the overall look and feel of your images.  So, to help you out I want to share some tips, a little color palette inspiration, and some suggestions for great places to shop.


  • First and foremost, be yourself and be comfortable. Personality is great in photos...Your personality!  Never force someone to wear something they absolutely hate or they won’t be relaxed or feel like themselves and it will show in the shoot.

  • When shopping, make sure to buy something you would love to wear again.  What a good excuse to shop!

  • Coordinate outfits... But please don’t do the matchy-matchy thing.  Gone are the days of everyone in one color.  Pick a 2-3 color scheme and add neutrals.

  • Consider colors that are complementary (two colors that are opposite each other) or analogous (next to each other with a common base color). Don’t be afraid to go for it...I love color in photo shoots!
  • Add in a neutral or two... Grays, blacks, browns, tans, creams, but use white sparingly.
  • When planning outfits for a family shoot, have mom select something first... Maybe even a pattern with layers and great accessories.  Then pickup colors from her outfit for everyone else and maybe throw in some stripes, plaids, or other pattern.

  • Avoid large logos and text on clothing.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix patterns... This can give great personality to an image.

  • Avoid teeny tiny stripes and checks as it has a strange effect on camera. 

  • Patterns should be small and medium... Not too large or attention will be on the print and not your face.

  • Look for inspiration online, in catalogs, magazines, etc.

  • You may want to think of colors you like in your own home... Then add on to these.

  • Layer, layer, layer... Layers add visual interest, color, texture, and life to an image.  Plus, it makes it easy to make small changes to the outfits during the shoot if we want!

  • Don’t forget the accessories!  A great pair of shoes, statement jewelry, belts, scarves, even hats. Pick a few items to add to your outfits!

  • I love an awesome pair of shoes to add to the outfit... Whether they are wedges, heels, Toms, ballet flats, Converse, sandals.  But ladies... if you do wear heels you may want to bring a comfy pair for walking as we move around.

  • Follow the Goldilocks rule. Not too loose... Not too tight... Just right!  Baggy clothes do not photograph well.

  • Keep makeup simple... But definitely wear it, ladies.  Make sure mascara is fresh and not clumpy.  A touch of color on your cheeks, lips, and eyes is a good thing.  And don’t forget to bring lip gloss or something to moisten your lips.

  • Don’t get a haircut the day before... A week is best.

  • Make sure fingernails and toenails look good.  They will show in many of your images.

  • And a final note... Don’t stress out over what to wear!  It will all come together, I promise!


Look to these favorite places for inspiration and outfits!  And remember...Don't be afraid of color!

The Gap - Anthropologie - Urban Outfitters - Old Navy - H&M - Ruche - ModCloth - Pinterest - Little Bean - Matilda Jane - Design Seeds