Devyn in Her Element {Austin Senior Photographer}

It is so bizarre to see friends that I have had since college have kids who are about ready to graduate and go off to college themselves.  I've known Devyn's parents forever... her Dad is the sister of my college best friend and her Mom a sorority sister of mine.  All of this makes me happy (for all the memories), sad (that I'm getting so old!) and thrilled (that she is about to experience some of the best years of her life).   Devyn will be a senior next year, graduating Class of 2013 down in Austin.  I was so impressed that they are on top of things and getting her senior pictures taken early.  Hey... they know what the Texas heat can be like in the summer and early fall!   I loved shooting her session around horses.  Riding is her favorite pasttime and she was beautiful in her element.  It was a first for me and made for a great early morning shoot.   Thanks for having me come to Austin guys... I'm always up for a photo session road trip!