My Little Space Featured {Dallas Photographer Studio}

As a photographer you have to multi-task and love many aspects of your business... shooting sessions, building relationships, editing images, delivering a great product to clients and knocking their socks off, and so on.   This business takes passion, love, talent, time, dedication... and money.  Well, while you are doing all of that it certainly helps to have a happy place to work.  When I shoot, that happy place is usually on location but last year we expanded my happy place by adding on a studio, designed by my architect husband, Robert Croysdale.  Every morning I step through the door of the studio I'm invigorated and ready to dive in creating portrait art!   I blogged some images of the space back in August so you may have seen it before. 

Today, I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that my little happy space has been featured on the Epiphanie blog.  Hop on over there to see the feature... and while you're there check out their amazing camera bags.  I love my mustard color Lyric and the turquoise colored Lola Epiphanie bags!  They are seriously camera bag perfection! Hard to stop at just two and sure I'll be adding more!

Enjoy the feature on Epiphanie!  I know I did!