Lots of Love and More on the Way! {Dallas Family Photographer}

One very cold and gray day this winter, a wonderfuly group ventured out with me to shoot their family as it stands now and is about to change. Lori and her husband Kevin, along with their son Taylor and his family, Amanda and Lilly, and their daughter Lindsay's family, Chris and Tanner.   This family braved all the wind and red noses for an urban shoot in Deep Ellum.  You would think that a 5 month old and 2 year old wouldn't do well in that scenario but you would be wrong... both little Lilly and her cousin Tanner did incredibly well!  I was  thrilled!  Lots of smiles and having a great time!  I know they will have lots of love to share with baby Emma who is on her way VERY soon to Lindsay, Chris and Tanner.   I loved this shoot... they styled their clothes amazingly and the colors just popped... don't you think?