Look at Those Cheeks! {Dallas Baby & Family Photographer}

Dallas had such a beautiful and extended fall season and now a super mild winter... I have been enjoying both so much that I have neglected sharing some of my sessions on the blog.  This session featured some of the cutest cheeks that I have ever seen... I'm sure you'll agree!  Joyce & John joined me with their little boy, Jaylen out at White Rock Lake. The trees were so beautiful there in November! 

That's right, November... you have permission to judge me for being so behind on blogging!  Go ahead... I'll wait. 

Alright... now that judgement has passed, please enjoy some of my favorite images from this perfect session!  Jaylen had his first shoulder ride, during which he was fascinated by Dad's hair.  The colors, the family, I just loved everything right down to Jaylen's stoic look with those cute cheeks!