Boy Mom, part 2 {Dallas Teen & Family Photographer}

The last time I saw DeAnn, Aven and Liam, we had so much fun romping around downtown Dallas and other urban areas. It was just so... them. At that session we talked about doing a studio shoot in the very near future. Well, last weekend we had We planned for some great images with the intent of creating some fabulous black & whites for DeAnn's home but we didn't stop there. She came with an incredible idea to express the true meaning of a teenage boy mom. As many of you can probably relate, the boys brought along a little technology and a beanbag chair, DeAnn brought one of her Boy Mom shirts, and as you can see from the image the guys also brought their attitudes of teen and tween boys. Actually, they are great, they just brought their acting skills! And of course we also had to let Liam get back at Aven with a little noogy action, since Aven had the upper hand last time. Such fun!

Enjoy your video!