Reaching Milestones and Smashing Cake {Dallas Baby Photographer}

I love watching my clients hit milestones!  Last November when I met Ryder, Tracy, and John, for a beautiful outdoor session, Ryder would look right into the camera!   I loved photographing him then and loved it again this time!   This summer Ryder and his mom, Tracy, came to the studio for a one year session for his first birthday.  Well... almost birthday!   He was having so much fun crawling and (a few steps!) walking all over the studio.  I loved how he would come right at me!  He is so curious, I just love it!  

Tracy brought along some meaningful props for the session including a red rocking chair passed down from Ryder's grandpa.   I love that!  And the little pirate and crab outfit was perfect since his dad loves to surf.  Could also be a small nod to yummy Sunday lobster bakes at dad's restaurant, The Commissary.

And I just love when a session has a cake smash involved!  Tracy is a pastry chef who owns, Sugarcoated, and is a pie goddess! You can read about her in a recent article in GrandLuxe.  She brought along Ryder's first cake... I think with a little less sugar than normal, but as you can see, he enjoyed it!  And he really loved playing with that 1 year candle!   

The whole session wrapped up with a little snuggle time.  Of course, Ryder still had lots of energy!  But I bet you he passed out on the car ride home!