A Change of Plans {Dallas Family Photographer}

When Christie first called she had such an amazing plan for her family session.   We were going to shoot at their lake house and have so many fun shots of her family playing.  We also had another mini location planned.  I just couldn't wait.  So many images popped into my head of capturing their family as they are.  But then the Texas heat just wouldn't cooperate so we had a slight change of plans. 

Instead of shooting in 107+ degrees with 90% humidity we opted to stay in the studio.  However, I think we had plenty of fun as you'll see from the shots.  First of all... Christie, Dave, Andrew and Anna look like they could be posing for a Gap ad.  They are just such a great looking family and had so much energy!  It was tough to narrow it down for the preview because there are just so many playful images.  I love them!  

And the best part... we will be doing another session with the original plans when it cools down this fall.  So I have more fun to look forward to and you have more images to enjoy in the near future of this fam!