Have Smile Will Travel {Austin Family Photographer}

When my studio was completed, the first picture I ordered as a canvas for the wall was one of my very loved clients.   I first met Angela and Blake when we shot pictures of Kingston for his first birthday last year.   I adored that session and hoped and prayed that it would be the first of many with them.   They are just such a beautiful family full of spirit and love.  So I was thrilled when 7 months later I shot their fall family session.   Again, I loved it.   It doesn't matter if King gets tired or wants to do his own thing at times, he is just such a cutie and I always have a blast with them. 

So a couple of months ago when I found out they were packing up and moving from Dallas to Austin I was so sad.  Angela came over for a new studio tour, a few glasses of wine, and great conversation!  I showed off my gorgeous canvas of her and King from that first session.  We laughed and we hugged. I knew I was going to miss these client friends dearly.  

But oh, how honored I was when they asked me to come to Austin for this latest session with them to celebrate their new city.  It was so wonderful to go to one of my favorite Texas towns for Memorial Day weekend and even more special with Blake's arrangements for me to not only be able to stay for two nights, but also to bring my family with me!  Thank you so much! 

I seriously could have explored and shot forever that morning!  There are just so many wonderful things to see and the whole vibe of Austin is perfect for my style of shooting.   Hope you enjoy these as much as I do, Angela and Blake!  I'll come see you guys anytime!


Of course, we had to start the morning off with the quintessential Welcome to Austin shot!  Perfection!


King had his first breakfast lollipop for doing such a great job... love how he's looking at it so adoringly!


And then we headed over to one of my favorite places, SOCO (South Congress). Outside Jo's Coffee found the perfect statement for these three!


Then up and down SOCO with just too many great places to shoot!  First, perfectly posed...


Followed by the best cheesy smile ever!  (I think there was another lollipop here)


Couldn't help but walk and swing with Mom and Dad, just like in our first session.


No wonder the kiddo is so stinkin' cute...


Just for Blake...


Ang's boys...


Drool... you almost got him, King!   But such a fun shot!


I just love Austin's Air Stream dining and can't wait for it to come to Dallas!  Makes for a fun location!




Austin... sealed with an absolutely perfect kiss!   I love you guys!!!