Blue-Eyed Blondes Only {Dallas Family Photographer}

Dotty's crew all have something in common... they like to have fun.  And, oh yeah... they're all blue-eyed blondes!  Seriously, with the tans and blue eyes of her own kids, Jay and Angela, and the same in their respective families you would think we were photographing them on vacation somewhere.  But no, this is one of our local treasures, White Rock Lake.   We may have started out with some posed shots of the whole family, cousins, sibllings and more, but we ended up playing on until it started to get dark.   The boys had never been on a seesaw and were a little unsure, especially, with as high as this old seesaw goes.  But hey, what are moms for but to step in and show the little rascals how it's done!

Enjoy your preview!