Genevieve Makes Me Smile {Dallas Family Photographer}

Last year I met one of my favorite little girls of all time. Immediately I realized that Genevieve just makes me smile.   She may have her own agenda, as do most young children, but even so her smile and energy is just infectuous.  In fact when my studio was recently finished and I was going through images that I may want to enlarge I easily selected a 24x36 canvas of Genevieve from last year.   And that I look at it.  I adore it!

So you can imagine how happy I was to see some of my favorite clients again this spring.  We headed out to the bluebonnet field at the ranch of one of Tom's friends.  It was an oddly chilly morning and the girls were freezing.  But despite the cold temps and fading bluebonnets we got some great images.   Tom, Jennifer and Genevieve were joined by Tom's parents. I loved meeting them this year.  This little girl is indeed loved!