Location Scouting Partner {Dallas Child Photographer}

Every day that I get to take a child's portrait I realize how much I love my job.  But some days, I get to to mix my job with my family and realize just how lucky I am.  My son, Campbell, went with me on a location scout last week after school.  It was an interesting trip full of wrong turns and lots of good conversation.  By the time we finally made it to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano we only had about 30 minutes before sunset.  And on top of that the place is huge! But we did manage to get in a little mini-session.  I would have loved to have had an hour and a half there with him.  We loved it and we plan on going back again for more location scouting this week and soon we plan on dragging along the hubby and dog for a relaxing afternoon.  Thanks honey... I love you!