A Special Visit to Dallas {Dallas Baby Photographer}

Avanee and her husband, Arun, made a very special trip from New York back to Dallas to celebrate their daughter.  Sareetha was the star of the show that day with a baptism, a party, and a photoshoot. After all, she is the first grandchild on both sides.   But can you blame her for being a little smiled out and tired?   She was such a cutie and looked right into the camera but no matter what we tried she didn't crack much of a smile... that is until we layed her on the ground for a little freedom.   And then there was no stopping her as she kicked her little legs and giggled to her heart's delight!  The yard was beautiful at the home of Arun's parents. Thoughout the session we got great shots of both sides of the family and the godparents.  So many that I couldn't narrow down the preview very well!

Enjoy your preview, Avanee and Arun!