Session Fate {Dallas Family Photographer}

All the cards were stacked against us for this session.   First we had to reschedule because I was massively sick... something I have never had to do.   Then little Max developed a rash on his face.   And last, but certainly not least, the weather was looking very gray the morning of the shoot.  

All this to say... this session rocked!   It was like session fate!  Max was fun loving and was even a good sport about exploring the grass... which he previously wanted nothing to do with.  He even lifted himself up and for a minute there we thought he might try to walk!  Rochelle and Michael were great to work with and love to laugh.  We got some great shots!  And wouldn't you know it... the clouds started pouring just as we left The Arboretum!  What perfect timing!

Enjoy your preview, Michael and Rochelle!