Nothing Like a Group Hug... {Dallas Child Photographer}

When I saw Ferris and Simon they jumped out of their car and ran over to give me huge hugs.   What a way to start a session!  I have known these boys for about four years...I used to be the librarian at their school.   I loved how their mom, Cynthia, brought them in for every family checkout my first year.  They selected books and sat snuggled together reading. The boys had very disctinctive tastes in books, especially Ferris... he is addicted to numbers!   Both boys are really intelligent, and are a lot of fun in the personality department!  

We enjoyed an urban session around Exposition and Deep Ellum.   I told their mom that Simon could give a model look no other 1st grader that I have ever seen!  Ferris has a thing about frogs... so imagine his excitement when he got to pose with the frog wall.  Okay, it is a one-eyed frog, but a frog nonetheless! 

And of course, the session ended with a great group hug... nothing like it in the world!

Enjoy your preview, Cynthia and Al!