Thank Goodness for Fall! {Dallas Family Photographer}

I have to say... I really love sessions at White Rock Lake.  I especially love session at the lake with a gorgeous family that also appreciates the lake on a fall day.   When we first got out of our cars Mousumi gasped at the serenity of the location... she, like me, has a love of the water.   It was a gorgeous evening... which was great since we had previously rescheduled  from a day that a 107 degree heat index!  

Harry and Mousumi have three absolutely great kids.  Alex, a senior, may have his mind on college... but I can tell he is going to miss bugging his little sisters!   Sofie is a natural beauty with eyes that can pierce a camera!   She often runs at the lake for school.   How cool!  And then there is Isabelle... a giant bundle of energy!  I love her spirit!!!  

I loved meeting you all and spending an evening outdoors with you!   Enjoy your preview!