Happy 1st Birthday! {Dallas Family Photographer}

Baby Benjamin just celebrated his first birthday... Happy Birthday, Ben!  I have looked forward to doing a session with this little guy ever since the first time I laid eyes on him!  Such a cutie and a happy boy, too! 

We played a little at the park, where Tim and Robin brought his little red car with them.  He has started taking a few steps at a time so he loved pushing it around.  He had no interest in riding but I really enjoyed how he is embracing his new and soon-to-be increasing feeling of independence!  Just you wait guys... the chasing is almost on!  He even took a several steps right to me once we got back to their house to continue the session. 

Benjamin loves books.  And I adore the pictures we took in his room... mostly because several of his books used to belong to my own son so looking at the pictures of him in his diaper, reading takes me back 5 years!  But I also happen to be slightly fond of the colors in his room!

Thanks for sharing the morning with me Robin and Tim.  Enjoy your preview!

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