Happy Reunions & New Friends {Personal Playdate Photographer}

Spring Break was full of fun and travel.  Campbell, Chloe (our dog), and I went down to Houston to visit my best friend from college.  We had a blast hanging out with Jenn, Chris, and Caroline and Campbell was thrilled that we stayed an extra day so we could see Jack, too! 

We met lots of Caroline's friends and even did a best friend session for her and Lauren!  Campbell secretly loved seeing all the pretty girls but he tried to hide it best he could with his face buried in their Nintendo DS!  He came up for air long enough for Mr. Chris to take him swimming and fishing... he caught four fish!  I'm just glad I didn't have to witness them using worms and wild cat blood for bait... yuck!

The week ended with an evening trip to the Kemah Boardwalk for rides and dinner.  I love carnivals and rides at night!  Such a great trip!

But Spring Break didn't end for us after our long drive back to Dallas (with many stops along the way for carsickness by the boy and a pitstop to see bluebonnets!) because we had something else planned when we returned home.  Sunday was a play date... we met up at the park with another college friend that I had not seen in at least 15 years!  Ooops... did I just tell you my age?  Leslie and her boys were a delight and the boys had a ball!  We vowed not to let so much time pass before Campbell, Christian, and Davis (and their mommies!) got together again!