A Day with Good Friends and Sunshine {Personal Playdate Photography}

Last week was a short week... kicked off by a fabulous day in the sun with my good pal, Ninothcka, her girls, and my son. Ninotchka and I have always talked about riding the trolley and we were ready to go "play film cameras" but decided to take the kiddos along with us. The day started with a yummy lunch and then we rode the McKinney Avenue Trolley in Dallas... for a loooooong time. In fact, are cutie driver (see pics, he had the unform and the whole look!) joked to the change shift driver that they were going to have to blast us off with dynamite! Hey... we can't help it. It was so relaxing and fun to photograph. Once we finally did get off, we perused and shopped at the Uptown Border's Books only to get back on the trolley for another go 'round! We ended the day together at White Rock Lake feeding the bird life. Pictures from the digital follow... I'll have to post the film shots once developed. And the day actually didn't end for me and Campbell... we went on to play in the sunset at Flagpole Hill. Those pics on another post.

In the meantime... give a thought to booking a session involving the trolley and the lake or a park! Lots of fun and plenty of photo possibilities. Even if it's a little chilly... your kids will love it!