Channeling Mr. Rogers

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  A wonderful day for a neighbor.  Would you be mine?   Could you be mine? Won't you BE... my neighbor."   Hi neighbor!

Wow oh wow!!!  This morning was so cool and fantastic.  I just had to get outside.  And what better way to spend an uncharacteristically cool Saturday than outside with my family and friends / neighbors?!?

The kids enjoyed a little of everything and we enjoyed a whole lotta coffee and friendship.    Ninotchka's sister, Naysha, and her beautiful daughter are visiting next door.  We keep trying to prepare her for the fact that we sometimes do a whole lot of nuthin'... alone together.  But to tell you the truth, I don't think she needs any warnings.  In fact, I think she just might enjoy the same!

Thanks for a great playdate neighbor!

This is my neighbor's niece, enjoying herself on this Texas visit.

Ching, ching back at ya'!

Yah... I would totally be okay if she were my daugther-in-law in about 20 years!

Awww... my baby!

Awww.... my other baby looking like road kill.

My husband enjoyed a few minutes with us on the front porch before he started doing some work on the house.

And it seems that just about any picture of this kiddo is my favorite because those cheeks and curls are just so irresistible!  This one screamed for some vintage flavor to it and I think it is one of my faves from the day!

And what fun would it be if the grown ups didn't have a turn on the toys?  Here is Nino driving the Barbie car back to her house.   Don't you all just wish you could still fit in a Barbie car?  As her sister said yesterday... "she is travel size!"

Here's to many more outdoor playdates as the temps start to become more bearable this fall!

See Mr. Rogers lyrics and listen to the song here.