I'm With the Band

This entry is a long time coming.  You see... a few weeks ago I had double the pleasure.  First of all, I went to visit my sister in Minneapolis.  And second, I was hired to photograph a band.  Menace is a hard rocking party band in MN.   I had so much fun shooting them live two nights in a row and doing band promo shots before the second show.  The music was loud and I loved it... who knew I would enjoy my ears ringing for days and be able to stay up until 4:00 am two nights in a row?!?  

Thanks guys!

We lucked into finding this old keyboard outside by this loading dock.  One person's trash is a photographer's treasure!  Menace showed their bad boy side by kicking the crap out of it after we were finished.

Yours truly scaled a transformer type thingy to get this shot.  And by the way... that is the official name for it!

And now from some live shots of the guys.  Menace really knows how to rock.   These are just a few of my favorites. 

Chad ~ lead vocals

Crash (Jason) ~ guitar & vocals

Brian ~ drums

Wess ~ bass guitar

Snookie (Tim) ~ guitar

Umm... yeah... I wouldn't wanna make him mad!