Countdown to 5!

So this upcoming week is so exciting because my little man will be five.  We went out for a session this past week to capture an image for his invites.  He is having a knights and dragons party and there is a great wall in Dallas that is painted with flames.  We were going to take a dragon but I decided the implied fire breathing would be better.   Here is the invite (minus all the details so I don't run out of pizza and cake and darn it ~ I want enough room to bounce in the bounce house myself!) and a few other images from that brief 20 minute morning session.


A little impromptu wink for me.  I love this image!   And I was really pleased with it since I was testing a new lens and I liked the way it performed. 


Campbell has been going to Good Records since before he was born.  My husband, Campbell, and I go often... in fact, they went to listen to a band there just yesterday!  The store is right next to the flame wall we shot against and it just so happens that their benches are Campbell's favorite color ~ note the shoes! 


How is that for getting into character? 


Here is my brave knight slaying the fire breathing dragon.  Not sure what is up with his shorts and why one leg looks so much longer than the other!  But I kind of like it!

 And now... the resulting invitation.  We are counting down the days... just 5 more until he is 5.  And then 2 more until the big shindig!