Introducing... My Random Favorites

Here ye, here ye... tonight I am beginning to share some of my random favorite images from the past.  Why, you ask?  Well, for starters, they are some of my favorites and even though some of you may have seen them before, some of you may not have.  But mostly, because since they are some of my favorites I like to look at them again every now and then and what better place to do it than my blog... where I get to make up my own rules!   But the catch is there are no rules.  Since they are random the images might be landscapes, macros, portraits, travel, TTV (through the viewfinder), Polaroids... whatever!  And also, since they are random, there is no rhyme or reason of when I will post them.  Consider it a fly by the seat of my pants kind of posting category. 

So, I hope you enjoy Random Favorite #1.   This weekend ended our State Fair of Texas.  Soon I will post some images from this year's fair but for now, I would like to share an image I took of an unsuspecting couple caught in a lip lock on the Midway at night.  I love this image for the complete spy factor alone but also I love the exposure on the neon and the blur of the riders.  I also happen to love that the name of the ride is Lovebugs.  So enjoy away!  And go grab your loved one and give them a big smooch.